On May 9, 1985 (Mr. Smash) was born Joshua Jauvon Smashum at Candler Hospital in Savannah, Georgia. Mr. Smash grew up listening to music that his mother would play around the house. At the age of 13, he started writing poetry based on life and things going on around him. It was then that he realized how much of a good thinker and writer he was. This invigorated him to focus more of his attention to poetry. In spring of 1998, Mr. Smash’s writing abilities started catching people’s attention. Later that year he teamed up with a couple of friends that loved music just as much as he did. They would go around the school singing songs. The first Mr. Smash ever performed was at a friend’s wedding. He then decided to take singing a little more seriously. By the time he reached the 10th grade, he made the decision to use his poetry as music lyrics. He would soon realize that singing was not for him. He decided to take a different approach with his music, by taking his poetry and applying it as rap lyrics. In 2002, Mr. Smash recorded his first rap on a featured song. For those who knew him, they were surprised to hear him rap the way he did. The compliments from longtime friends and family members encouraged him to take rap more serious. In 2003, Mr. Smash began following the path to a career in music. He started working on his first album entitled “First Projects” under the stage name JS. In the middle of his first album, he noticed his talent and passion for creating was growing stronger. Although his songs were catching the attention of the people in the streets in which he lived; it had not reached the success levels he was hoping for. In 2004, Mr. Smash helped for a local group called Versatyle, consisting of six members: Xcalivur, Showtyme, Greg G, Playboi, Mr. Smash, and T-Monie. The group signed a one year contract with Rhythm and Rhyme Records located on the Westside of Savannah, Georgia. In the spring of 2004, the group performed at the Lady’s Island Middle School in Beaufort, South Carolina. The concert was very successful. A few months following the concert, the group began to notice that the record company was not following through on the contract and in the development of their career. Frustrations began building within the group and more and more promises were being broken by the record label. At the end of the contract period, Rhythm and Rhyme Records and Versatyle cut ties. Versatyle immediately began reorganization with Duane Harden, (songwriter, producer, and engineer) and cousin to Xcalivur. Duane Harden wanted to sign the group and bring them to New York to work on a group album. All they needed was a demo with some finished material. It was discovered that Rhythm and Rhyme had the majority of the group’s material and they created complications, making it impossible to send the demo off in the allotted time. BACK TO SQUARE ONE! In 2005, Mr. Smash began working on his second album entitled (Chapter 2: The Wait is Over). The first song, “Real G’s”, immediately became a hit after being leaked to the streets. Before recording with his second album, Mr. Smash’s producer and longtime friend, Xcalivur, traveled to New York to try and get the group’s album under Duane Harden’s record label. While awaiting news from Xcalivur, Mr. Smash continued working on a mix tape with his cousin (Jay G) and friend (Roc). With no success at hand, Xcalivur returned home that November. In an effort to continue building the group’s reputation, and await the return of Xcalivurs’ equipment from New York, they began working on their mix tape at Wiz Kid’s (producer and songwriter) Studios. Upon finishing the mix tape, Playboi pressed copies and passed them around the streets. This mix tape was not as successful as planned. In 2006, with the return of the equipment, Mr. Smash instantly began finishing his second album. Mr. Smash has completed the 20 track album entitled “The Wait is Over”, featuring all members of the group. Mr. Smash and K. Scott began looking for endorsements. In 2012, Duroc became one of their first sponsors. Due to a lack in sales, the product was discontinued and the endorsement deal was terminated. In 2014, they linked up with the promotional team “Social Menace”. At the present time, Mr. Smash continues to write and perform small gigs. You can follow Mr. Smash on social media through the following outlets: