Germain “MainEvent” Powers was born on November 1, 1982 in Savannah, Georgia where he is the oldest of two brothers. By nature, he is a quiet and wise young man. He was born into a very artistically creative family and that creativity flows awesomely into his music. Gifted in art as well, he was awarded first prize in a school art competition for the Savannah Science Museum which landed him his own float in the 1990 St. Patrick's Day Parade at age 7, and his drawing also was displayed on billboards through out the Savannah area. That creativity also has led him and his brother towards a love of computers and computer emulations. Once thought to pursue computer game development as a career at age 15, he could not deny his great passion for creating music.

It was a passion that came from deep within his spirit and soul. In 2000, he contemplated how to combine computers with his desire to create music. That prayer was answered with a program named Fruity Loops (FL Studio). Through that program, Germain has created thousands of beats over the years. If you have to describe his style of music, it is amazing music that transports the listener to another dimension! Some of the artists that has inspired him includes Just Blaze, Timbaland, Puff Daddy, and Dr. Dre. His nickname, MainEvent, was derived partially from his name, in which his family calls him Main for short. More than that, the name MainEvent fully encompasses his brand of music.

During his 16 years of creating music, he has worked with many local artists in the Savannah area. However, with the move to the Tampa Bay area in 2008, he has been further elevated in the music, television, and film industry. Music videos and movie scores has definitely molded his taste and style...a feast for the senses! It is Germain's desire to bless the world with music that will uplift, inspire and enhance people's lives in a world where there is so much sorrow. To remind them that there is still the beauty of great music to be enjoyed by all! You can follow MainEvent on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and Instagram!