Kelvin Scott

Kelvin Scott is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, pianist, and producer from Savannah, Georgia. Growing up, Kelvin had a surplus of role models. His grandfather, a Southern Baptist Preacher, had 14 children, who formed the gospel music group, the “Scott Singers”. Since birth, Kelvin has been surrounded by music. At the age of six Kelvin began perfecting his voice and learning to craft his own original melodies. His father saw his true potential, and at the age of 10 purchased his first keyboard. This allowed him to experiment and being creating his own productions. Kelvin began writing songs in his early teens and impressing both family and friends with his voice. In 2005, Kelvin shared his songwriter skills with his cousin Duane Harden, who is an accomplished songwriter, singer, and producer. Impressed by what he heard, Duane flew Kelvin to New York to collaborate on what would become Kelvin’s first commercial release “Just One Day”; co-written by Moses Modesto and produced by Italian composer Jerma. In 2008, Kelvin continued to collaborate on the European front by partnering with Swiss producers David May and Marquito of Panevino Village Label. His critically acclaimed rendition of a classic Sting song, “I’ll Be Watching You” became his 2nd commercial release. Kelvin is currently finalizing production on his debut album “The Afterlife” which touches on the struggles of manhood, relationships, and breaking into the music industry. K. Scott and Mr. Smash began looking for endorsements. In 2012, Duroc became one of their first sponsors. Due to a lack in sales, the product was discontinued and the endorsement deal was terminated. In 2014, they linked up with the promotional team “Social Menace”. Kelvin’s dedication to his craft is the driving force behind his music. Through music he strives to share his experiences and spread positivity to all who love music. You can follow K. Scott on social media through the following outlets: